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Learn how to earn 15-20% per Month & generate consistent CASHFLOW from this Simple Investing Strategy.

We know it sounds too good to be true, but read on and we'll show you how

Have you ever been in these situations before:

You said you want to invest but do not know where to start.

You start go for many seminars that are too expensive to enroll in

You seek advises from family and friends

Your family and friends told you about “sure-win” stocks, you invested and lost money on them.

You spent a lot of time and effort to research stocks but are unable to find the best stocks.

You found the best stocks but they were to expensive to buy.

You always seem to enter stocks at the wrong time, and experience a reversal in price soon after.

You wish to participate in the greatest bull market of all time, and yet protect yourself from the risk of losing a lot of money in a potential market crash in 2018.

You wish to be able to build an investment nest egg that can provide for your family, your children’s education, and old age

You wish to be financially free in the long run and retire early

We understand your problems

why do i always need to cut loss?

why do i always lose money when i invest?

why do i still don't succeed even if i read so many books?

IS investing A gamble?

IS INVESTING only for the rich?

Am i going to lose money?

Won’t it be awesome if you could use a strategy to create cashflow from your investments, without having to work at all?

Worry no more, because we have developed RROS (Risk Reduction Options Strategy), a safe and proven strategy which you can use immediately to boost your returns by 15-20% per annum and to generate cash flow.

This is The Most Important Message You'II See ALL Year

Because we’re going to expose the MYTHS people spread about investment….

And show you WITH PROOF there’s a much better way to invest with small amount and gain bigger capital you Ever thought possible.  20% ROI per month.

Using 'The Proven Investment System'

All it Takes is 3 Steps To Profit

Step 1: Find A Good Company

Less than 15 mins, you will be able to identify a good company to invest in.

Step 2: Enter The Market At The Best Time

Using our In-house Developed Technical Chart to easy determine the best time to enter or exit.

Step 3: Use Options To Reduce Risk & Get Rewards

Using Risk Deduction Option Strategy to reduce your risk significantly and still get passive income.


fundemental analysis

Know the true value of the stock.

technical analysis

Now the short term value of the stock. How to enter, exit and take profits.


Reduce risk and increase gain by using option in the stock market


You can be one of them too!

Investing is a journey together with a community

So, are you starting to see just how powerful, profitable and valuable we are? Imagine how much this will change your life. Investment is never gamble or 100% base on luck.  It is a skill set.  A skill set that we are not taught when we are in school.

OK great….


Module 1: Fundamental Analysis - How to look at the long team value of the stock

Module 2: Technical Analysis - How to look at the short team value of the stock

Module 3: STOCK strategy - Using data analytic for TA (auto draw for you)

Module 4: Option - How to look at the short team value of the stock (80% success rate)

Module 5: Investing/Trading Platform Configuration - Teach you how to use the platform and earn money from it

Module 6: Advance Option Strategy - Risk Reduction Option Strategy (Reduce your risk in the market)

Module 7: Handle Wrong trade - How to react when your trade is wrong?

Module 8: Execute - Real time support to ensure you know how to do your own trade

Module 9: Community - We honour to support you up to 2 year and meet monthly. This is the comittment we make to ensure you get the value in this course.

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Jeremy tan - founder

8 years expertise in investment and 5 years in Fund Management and Accounting Experience. He holds a honours degree in accounting and finance, major in finance and Diploma in information communication technology. He is the Founder of 3 different brands with 5 years of entrepreneurial experience in online and offline businesses. He created 2 online business and have managed the full operation of an F&B business.

He is also the founder of Core Invest Mobile Application, that research and valuate US companies in less than 15mins and the co-founder of RROS (Risk Reduction Option Strategy) Master Class. The founder of Core Invest Pte. Ltd and a Fundamental, Technical & Option Strategy Trainer & Investment Coach, manages an investment portfolio with 20% Return on Investment.

Jordan Loh - Trainer

Jordan graduated with a double Honours Degree in Accountancy and Business from NTU. In 2017, he was able to obtain an investment return of 26%. 

He keeps his knowledge up to date by reading investment books in his spare time. He is also the author of “7 Steps to be a highly successful Investor”


Simply it’s a formula, software and education system for investing.  We use data analytics to research the fundamentals and understand companies and use technical analysis before we open a position using OPTIONS.

Our program consists of 2 years support and your personal financial investment to this program is very affordable.  As we believe you need more money for investment, our fees are lower than others in the market for our 3 in 1 course.

All the trainers in core invest have the skill sets to earn 20% ROI per year.  The earning varies due to market conditions.

Yes, we do make losses some times however our losses are limited as we use RROS (Risk Reduction Option Strategy)

We always believe that investment is not only learning the knowledge but forming a community.  We help each other to gain financial freedom

The course is not free as we need to pay rental and trainer for holding this event. However the preview that you are attending is free.

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